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what remains

May 2020

what remains is an animated short film made in response to the change in movement in the streets of Brighton during the first Covid-19 lockdown. It considers the movements that remain in a seemingly empty city.  

In a matter of days, the once bustling scene visible from my living room window dwindled. The familiar view of passersby, the laughter of beach-goers, and the chatter of coffee shop regulars all disappeared, leaving behind an eerie stillness in the streets below. It made me consider the profound influence we have on public spaces, our daily routines weaving through them like threads in a tapestry.

As I gazed upon the empty streets, the city seemed devoid of life. Yet, with time, I began to notice the subtle movements that persisted—the quiet, unnoticed rhythms that persevered amid the silence. I noticed the birds dancing between the rooftops and the gentle sway of a flower basket hanging from the ledge of a long-shut pub across the street. These overlooked moments sparked an idea within me.

Inspired by the beauty of these overlooked movements, I embarked on creating a short film—a homage to the delicate nuances that endure even in the face of upheaval. It became a tribute to the resilience of life's small gestures, a celebration of the hidden poetry in everyday moments.

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 9.44.56 AM.png
Sorry We're Closed For Now.png
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