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Walk this Way with Su-Lynn

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Had a fun workshop with Su-Lynn today, working on walk cycles in Animate. Because I've only started using Animate in Su-Lynn's workshops, it was quite tricky to get the hang of the interface but I'm sure it'll get better!

This was the first walk cycle I did. I got round to just getting the legs, body and head done.

I then accidentally deleted the whole file! So that was great...

I gave it another ago. This time I wanted to manipulate the form in an interesting way so I decided to give the walker a birds head which then lead me to make the walker Horus, naturally!

In preparation for the next lesson, I decided to make a clearer and more standard walk cycle following the guideline document and made this! I decided to make the walker have a bit of swag...

Just to try it out, I removed the outline, leaving this:

At the end of this workshop we were shown to do make backgrounds in Animate. I tried this out with the walk cycle character above:

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