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Morphing experimental animation workshop with Lizzy Hobbs

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Had the pleasure of a workshop with the lovely, Lizzy Hobbs! After watching an inspiring series of short animated films, including amazing work by Lizzy herself, we were asked to spent 40 minutes making a stop-motion inspired by the objects in our room.

I made a quick little stop-motion of a scene outside my window. The stop-motion had to include morphing of some sort and so I decided to depict a leaf tumbling in the wind, to became a double-decker bus, ending in the back wheel becoming a bird, flying into the distance. This is below!

This definitely reignited the fun I have when animating with traditional media, like watercolour. I really enjoy digital animation but there's a certain spontaneity in coming up with an idea, getting it straight down on paper and seeing immediately where the idea takes you, that I have missed.


Artists mentioned in workshop:

Lizzy Hobbs

G-AAAH (2015)

"This film was made with a typewriter on paper. There is no post production, I have joined the background and the foreground by combining them using flicker."

Little Skipper (2006)

" I used butterfly prints to make these paintings of European butterflies, then I brought them to life with animation."

I'm OK (2019)

"Created with paint on paper, this is a film about the artist Oskar Kokoschka which I made with The National Film Board of Canada."

Emil Kohl

Fantastmagorie (1908)

"This is sometimes thought to be the earliest drawn animation in the western canon. Many rules of animation were tentatively explored in this film. Look at the squash and stretch, and the lovely rhythm that Kohl has created just by his drawing."

Norman McLaren

Hen Hop (1942)

"To make Hen Hop, McLaren spent days in a chicken coop to capture what he called "the spirit of henliness. This is one of a number of drawn-on-film animated works created by McLaren, Hen Hop was animated by inking and scraping film stock, with colour added optically afterwards."

George Dunning

Damon the Mower (1972)

"There are some lovely examples of weaving loops in this film, look at how he animates the wider shot of the index card to underscore the narrative of the film."

Caroline Leaf

The Street (1976)

"In this film, Caroline Leaf uses lovely camera moves and tracks through the space, there are almost no cuts. The narrative is wonderful too because the young boy is feeling many complicated emotions about the death of his grandmother, and the story manages to convey the complexities."

Andreas Hykade

Love and Theft (2010)

"We are looking at this film today for it’s use of morphs, but also notice the rhythm, the music and see how the animation and the sounds combine. It’s fun and enjoyable to watch!"

Marie Paccou's book films

"Marie works within the limitation of the form of the book, when the pages run out, she has to finish. She makes reference to the story and has a lot of fun with her lines."

Maya Yonesho

Daumenreise Kyoto (2008)

"Maya has been running workshops around the world called Daumenreise. The drawings relate to the different objects or landmarks that can be seen in the background. The words mean ‘Thumb Trip’ in German."

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