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Character Design with Su-Lynn Tan

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

In our first workshop with Su-Lynn, we were told that during her workshops we would be asked to develop a character, eventually giving them a bio, turnaround and walk cycle.

Listening to Kelsey Lu one evening, I started drawing this character, taking FULL advantage of the symmetry tool! Over the next two weeks or so, I kept coming back to it, changing certain aspects. I really love the way it turned out, actually!


For today's workshop, in an attempt to align this character to the objective of the walk cycle, I thought I would try to give this character legs, even though it seemed that the character's should naturally go without.

In order to make a walk cycle, I adapted the character for a side-view:

I'm still not completely happy with this side view. I think the hair needs to extend further to behind them and less so above. I quite like the leg, with the markings and the foot's delicacy. This side view also definitely needs the tendrils!

I had a go to making a walk cycle but it undoubtedly needs a lot more work. The walk is way too heavy. It needs to be much more gracefully. As Su-Lynn advised, maybe with a less definitive form to give the impression of gliding.

A little close-up (a lot of the detail is lost when the character is walking)

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