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Ani-Sound Collaboration

One-day collaboration with an (MA) Sound Arts student, Gong (ZiXiao), using Artivive.

Inspired by the Eye Fish in Codex, we created a VR experience that questions the reality that we are used to. We made something that pooled together both of our experience working with the theme of water: Xiao's audio, "deep ocean" and my normally quite fluid animation. Below is a preliminary sketch of the animation idea, where the brick wall brakes away to reveal another world.

We decided to go with an unassuming trigger image; a place you wouldn't expect anything really interesting to happen, the brick wall outside my flat. But through this app, you're able to experience a secret dimension.

Final Outcome After given two hours this was our final product.


Unfortunately, because the brick wall is so busy, the app couldn't identify the shapes to activate the animation. The readability of the trigger image is something we should have checked before creating the animation so that's something we would change in the future.

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