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Filling the Room, Lockdown Project

April 2020

As with the majority of people experiencing the effects of Covid-19, it has become incredibly easy to feel confined and trapped staying indoors,  especially when a lot of people are so used to being outside in open spaces.


Living alone in a small flat, movement had become so minimal and monotonous it had been increasingly difficult to remain in the same space for such a prolonged amount of time, with its walls and windows, and furniture. In an attempt to create a living space more lively and vivid, mimicking the depth and space of the outside, I decided to cover my living room walls with drawings: to fill the room with movement when circumstances restricted that.

Room-sized mural_ A performance

Celebrating a milestone in lockdown


“Take the Two Penny Tube and Avoid all Anxiety”:

Irony in a now quarantined London

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 11.08.47

The process of filling the room

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