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Circe Animation

October 2019

Animation based on the book, Circe, by Madeline Miller. An amazing story about Circe, a goddess who had originally been reduced to infamy in

The Odyssey. Miller tells a story of courage, empowerment and strength, as Circe battles with both external and internal obstacles, creating a life for herself after being banished to the island of Aiaia by her father for her witchcraft.

Below are animated GIFS of scenes from the novel,

using watercolour and acrylic on paper


Circe growing up in the shadows of her family

Circe discovering her powers


Circe reveals her transformation of Glaucus to Helios

Circe reveals her transformation of Scylla to Helios

Helios burns Circe for her witchcraft

Helios sends Circe into exile on Aiaia


Circe's life in orbs above her, surrounded by her animals, including her namesake, a hawk

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