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Argentine Walk

Summer 2019

In 2007, my brother and I were homeschooled by our parents in France. During this time, the Argentine Walk became a common “History” trip.

The walk encircles the Plateau d’Argentine, an area that marked the divide between Vichy and Occupied France, during the Second World War.

Along the Walk are spots of historical significance: an aerodrome, Roman road, dilapidated railway, and a hamlet caught between WW2 conflict, with an 11th Century church and underground caves, dating back to the Middle Ages.

During this Walk, my parents would invent small activities, to keep me and my brother sweet.

These activities turned into traditions and, for the last thirteen years, we’ve continued doing them, sharing the Walk with family and friends who visit.

A lot of these activities are rock-based: Try to throw a rock over the valley, try to throw a rock into a specific hole in the rockface, etc. In between all these rock-based games, there is a disused mushroom quarry in which my Dad has been carving the name of every new participant of the Walk. We're at just over 40 names now!

The pages below attribute to a book filled with drawings and paintings of the various stops on our walk and the games we play. The digital copy on this book contains drone shots from 2019, and film footage from 2007.

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